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Instead of buying photos, help real nature instead by donating to one of my preferred charities here:

World Bird Sanctuary

Endangered Wolf Center

Great River Greenway

Just for fun. Not for sale. Best viewed at 8 inches wide or smaller on a monitor.

If you're having trouble, you're trying too hard. DO NOT cross your eyes. Try moving your head first closer, then farther from the screen. The goal is to see three objects. If you see four, you are straining and need to relax. If the 3D seems inverted or wobbly, you've got the right idea but have also gone too far.

If there is one picture that works well for you, open it in the slideshow, lock in on that picture, then use the left and right arrows on your keyboard to move to the other pictures.  You should not need to refocus between pictures.

Henry Shaw's Crypt

Stereograms are the only way to experience the closed-off space.