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Muny Opera Owl nest pics.

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Welcome to my website!

Like nature itself, my website continuously evolves.

I no longer care about photo-commerce. My site catalogs the variety of nature subjects I pursued and provides a private storehouse for my family photos.

I learned over the years a photo's impact hinges on the viewer's memories of the specific event more than the quality of the photo. While I will sell my pics, it is far more important visitors to my site buy into actual nature rather than a visual substitute.

I am thoroughly sick of paper printing and the inherent frustration in trying to transfer active light onto static paper. Photos look better on monitors and screens than on paper for a reason. Monitors create light. They reanimate images. Monitors, tablets, and other electronic screens are the future, yet carry their own problems. No two screens are calibrated alike, leaving the quality of my visual message vulnerable to the vagaries of other people's technology.

If there is a photo here you would like to purchase, a natural subject you would like have photographed, or you would like to join me on the trails, please contact me through the Guest Book link below.


Joe Mathews

P.S.: If you see me on the trails, leave me alone! Email me later.  Thanks again.

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 Blackburnian crop after

Blackburnian crop after